Since more than 45 years we design and produce advanced electronics for the industrial words and the OEMs 

We are a vertical company that combines the best of an engineering firm, with the flexibility of an EMS.

SED works side by side with you from the design phase to the mass production, with an integrated cross-functional approach.
We support every OEM with a tailored solution, completely designed and manufactured in Italy. 

Quality statement

Quality statement

SED is committed to ensure the highest quality standard for its products.
Fir this reason SED regularly review and challenge its own performances and the risks connected to the Company operations, as well as the opportunities to a continuous improvement of the delivered services. 

Customer Service Excellence

Coompliance to Standards

Continuous improvement of processes and operations

Proactivity to identify emerging risks for Business, Environment and Safety

Il nostro team

La Direzione si impegna a fornire le risorse, la formazione e il supporto necessari per il raggiungimento di tutti gli obiettivi da parte di tutto il personale dell’organizzazione.

I dipendenti e i collaboratori partecipano attivamente e condividono gli obiettivi strategici, impegnandosi per il corretto funzionamento della Politica di Qualità e il miglioramento continuo, supervisionando attivamente per la prevenzione di rischi e problemi per gli stakeholder.

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SED HQ is located in Certaldo (Italy), where we host an extremely optimized structure that can deliver a turn-key solution: Hardware Design, Firmware development, SMT and PTH Production assembling line, automated product testing.

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