Motion Manager Tool

Motion Manager (MM) is a powerful yet easy-to-use suite that includes all the tools and parameters you will need to configure and diagnose SED controllers. 

MM Enterprise edition enables R&D teams and system integrators to configure, optimize, and debug vehicle/machine control systems using SED motor controllers, HMIs, displays, and I/O modules.

Indeed, MM connects to all compatible CANbus SED devices that are present on the CANbus network, enabling real-time information from multiple CAN devices. MM can also connect to a single device on the CANbus, in one-to-one mode.

The Enterprise version of MM is intended for the OEM’s engineers, but MM is also available in a reduced-functionality edition, that gives access to a subset of features through a limited permission level, ensuring a secure and easy access to resellers and maintenance teams. 

MM Studio

Motion Manager Studio (MMS) is a powerful application dedicated to the technical and assistance department. Through complete and easy-to-access dashboards, real-time monitors of engines, inputs and outputs, it is possible to access device parameters, modify and test the behavior of your vehicle in real time.

Using a simple USB cable it is possible to connect to the machine and manage operating modes, save or load pre-sets of parameters and quickly act on the operation of the motors. 

MM Mobile

The Motion Manager APP, available for Android and IOS, is a practical and convenient tool for All OEMs and system integrators. Thanks to wireless communication, technicians and developers can conveniently act remotely on the machine while testing and challenging different configurations. The interface allows users to read and modify most of the parameters necessary for tuning the driver or the entire machine. The download-load parameter function allows users to save or load entire parameter presets in seconds. 

PTS Smart Programmer

The PTS Smart Programmer is a robust and practical device, designed for production departments, field force and service team in general. The handheld is battery-powered and can easily connect to SED devices or controllers via CANbus.

The user interface is simple and allows operators to read and modify most of the parameters adjusted during on-field tuning.

A level-based access consents to secure accesses depending the type of intervention on the vehicle.
The download-load parameter function allows users to save or load entire parameter presets in seconds.
The convenient Monitor function allows operator to easily diagnose the system and verify the correct operation of the controller’s inputs and outputs. 

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